Friday, 11 March 2011

Forget the craft jungle – let’s go to the beach instead!

As the weekend approaches, I find myself starting to think about all of the many little things we still have to do before our rapidly approaching wedding day on 28th May this year. Starting out on the wedding planning adventure has led me to a vast array of great wedding blogs full of, what can only be desrcibed as, “Real Wedding Porn”. The sheer number of potential ideas for bringing some DIY craftiness from the pages of a blog into my W-day are sometimes bewildering and frankly, a bit scary.

Like so many other brides, I have a folder full of amazing photos, ideas and titbits lovingly collected over the past few months. Instead of feeling inspired, I find myself confused and a bit unsure of what it is that I actually WANT to do. Do I go with the bunting or the garlands of paper cranes? Hearts or butterflies? Stripes or polka dots?

Me: Matthew, what do you think to having some nice fabric hearts as our table numbers – look how lovely they look! (waving picture from blog under his nose...)

Matthew: Yeah – very nice.....but I thought you were making wooden spoon table numbers last week?

Me: Oh yes, forgot about that.....

So this weekend, I have decided to take time off sewing, cutting, sticking and stamping in favour of cake tasting (yummy!). I am most excited about spending time with my Fiance and having a little trip down to Brighton to taste wedding cake and catch up with my friends.

There is more to life than DIY for our W-day and part of the planning is spending time with my hubby-to-be and remembering why we are getting married in the first place! So here’s to taking some time out from wedding planning before I venture back into the craft jungle next weekend...

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